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Use the Simple Search form to look for businesses in a city or town based on the type of business or the name of the company.

Enter the type of business or the product or service you are looking for in the Keyword field, or enter the name of a business in the Business Name field.

Then enter a city and a state, or a ZIP Code, in the Location field.

To search throughout an entire state, just enter the state, for example, NY or New York state.

To search for national businesses, leave the Location field blank.

Here are some tips to help you search effectively with the Simple Search form:

  • In the Keyword field, enter a word related to the type of business you're interested in, for example florists. The Yellow Pages service will return a list of all categories that match the word, for example Florist Shops and Florist Equipment & Supplies. You can then select from the list of matching categories to display the individual business listings. You can also search for businesses that sell specific products, brands, or services.

  • You can also select a category from a list of the most common categories by clicking on the Browse or Category Browser links on the search form.

  • Fill in the Business Name field to find businesses whose name contains a particular word or words. You can enter the full business name, or just part of the name. For example, any of the following entries (among others) could be used in the Business Name field to find Jones and Sons Trucking: Jones and Sons Trucking, Jones, or Jones Trucking. It is usually best to omit words like Company and Incorporated and function words like and.

Other search options:

  • The Advanced Search form lets you narrow your search further, to specific streets, ZIP Codes, or telephone area codes.

  • The Search By Distance form lets you search for businesses near a location you specify.

What to do if no matching listings are found

There are several reasons why no matching listings may be found even when you have reason to believe there probably are some listings:

  • The keyword you typed may not be recognized. Try again using a different word to describe the type of business. You can also click on the Browse or Category Browser links to select from a hierarchy of categories.

  • Something may have been misspelled. Check for spelling mistakes and search again.

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